Battery question for solar power – Does (2) 6V batteries hooked up in series make it a 12V source?

I dont know if I am asking this properly but basically i am trying to set up a solar power system and need some help. I have a 100w panel and want to store it in (2) 6V golf cart batteries. The inverter that i am looking at has input of 12V DC.

Would i hook them up in series or parallel?

So if i hook up the (2) 6V batteries together does that make it a 12V output into the inverter??


oh and if anyone has any other suggestions/advise/tips my system is as follows.

(1) 100W panel
(1) charge controller
(1) suresine Inverter
(2) Energizer GC2 6V golf cart batteries
misc cables

Do i need any other components or is this all that i will need?
Thx affaf. that was my main question
Bill…it is only to run/charge a laptop and to charge devices i.e. gps, MP3, cell phone. I have no appliances or anything and this system was designed to give me 3 days of use straingt from the batteries just in case it is cloudy for 3 days in row.
perhaps Bill, i need to go back to the company that designed this system and see what they have to say about your recommendations.


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