How can I get to know Jesus more?

I began my journey with getting to know Jesus from the bible.
I’ve enjoyed my journey with Jesus so far, but I feel I need to know more about Jesus.

The synoptic gospels don’t seem to be enough. I still have questions like:

I’ve read bout his life up until his age of 12. What about age 13 the year Jews would have given Jesus his Bar Mitzvah?

How can I accept that Jesus was just at home with His family as plausible explanation, but not in keeping with the Gospels that say at the age of 12, Jesus was at the Temple, and the people marveled to hear Him.
After his Bar Mitzvah he would have been considered a man, and had a right to speak at the temple.

The bible returns to talk about his life when he turned 30 years of age.

Why does not the bible not speak about his life from age 12-39. Its left blank, and open for guessing.

In the synoptic gospels it appears Jesus outlines behaviorial traits that people should obey to stay civil and humanitarian, but he says nothing about the 21st century.

He never speaks about:
* Geneticists decoding the human genome
*He never mentions Charles Darwin, and origin of the species.
*He never mentions the abolition of human slavery in the world, nor does he advocate it.
*He never mentions humans visiting the moon, and learning that there is water on mars by sending rover with satelite imagery capacilities.
*He never mentions airplanes.
*He never mentions cell phones.
*He never mentions the harms of drug addiction and their implication on society.
*He never mentions possibility of Artificial Intelligence
*He never mentions Nuclear weapons and the impact they can have on the earth.
*He never mentions submarines, but it is believed a man named Jona lived inside a whale for days and survive without being dissolved by whale enzymes, or crushed by whale jaws.
*He never described why he created millions of dinosaurs and destroyed them in just a couple thousand years.
*He never speaks about solar power, or gasoline combustion engines replacing horses and donkeys.
*He never speaks about new forms of government such as democracies and communism.
*He never speaks about abortion and its social implication centuries into the future.

Where in the bible in context, given verses that can account for prophecy of all the modern issues, and developments of human civilization in the 21st century.
And if it can’t given an accurate account of describing 21st century conditions, then how will it describe the 22nd century in the future. If it can’t describe the 21st century without vague social behaviors, how can we trust it described the so called end days and apocalypse?


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