Powerful Solar Power Charger Enough To Get Laptop Going

Let the sun charge your cell phone. [ www.chinavasion.com ] Why is it that cell phones can get emergency power supplies and have solar panels to get them going again, after all bigger gadgets, like laptops need emergency power booster power too. [ www.chinavasion.com ] Who would like this: Travelers, business travelers and people interested in alternative energy sources to power their gadgets. What eBay keywords can I use: Solar, solar power, solar energy, solar panels, solar powered , solar charger, solar battery, solar electricity, solar collector, solar technology, renewable energy, alternative energy There has been a veritable sun burst of solar technology on the market as of late. Almost every electronics company in the solar system has come out with some kind of emergency power up/ solar charger of some sort. Unfortunatly most of the solar panels on the market are rather undercharged and will only handle a measly MP4 player or a easy-to-charge Cell phone. If your notebook went down on the road and you needed an emergency power up, then you were pretty much stuck. Well the wholesale China electronics manufacturers may have come up with something to solve that problem. The high capacity solar charger battery has the power to handle a power up for most laptops and larger devices. With a capacity of 74W/h you’re going to be able to get your notebook battery from zero charge to full in just a couple of hours giving you a bit more life when you’re on the road. This solar


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