Question about December 21 2012?

I used to think it was BS, but then i heard that the reason the Mayans predicted this date was because they saw a galactic cycle we are in, where every 26000 years we get as close as we ever get to the massive black hole in the center our galaxy (i have no idea how they knew this, but they made other shocking discoveries about the cosmos with their limited technology), and i heard a couple of scientist confirm this cycle. And what this will do is it will cause a gravitational change, which will cause the planets to align. And this gravitational change will cause the tides to go crazy, fault lines to go haywire, volcanoes to erupt (including the super volcanoes), massive solar flares from the sun, and this would upset everything. Think about it, the western US covered in ash, almost every major city is on a fault line, the solar flares would cause a massive EMP for half the world (probably the entire world, because this gravitational change is suppose to last for 2-5 days), and that would wipe out the internet (so all transportation is gone, so food is gone, and we are 9 meals away from anarchy at any given time). And obviously all of this would cause the major change in humanity that the Mayans said would happen. A new chapter in humanity. So, my question is, have you heard this theory before? What do you think of it?


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