Some physics question?

Current solar-panel technology has the efficiency of converting 12% of the solar energy to electricity. Given that on a sunny day in Arizona the average solar radiation energy flux is 1.0 kW/m^2 , and that the area of Arizona is 3.0 × 10^5 km^2 ,

1.What percentage of that area needs to be covered with solar panels in order to supply all of the electrical requirements of the United States, estimated at 5 × 10^(20) J/yr? (Assume that each day has 12 hours of cloudless daylight, and round your answer to the nearest percent):

2.At the Niagara Falls water is falling an average of 52 m at a rate of r =dm/dt = 1.8 × 10^6 kg/s. If 50% of that potential energy could be converted into electricity, what is the solar-panel area equivalent to the Niagara Falls in km^2 ? (round to one decimal place)


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