Once dismissed as a mere impossibility by all the “experts” the newer versions of photovoltaics in high spinning RPM applications are becoming the dominant force in the understanding and design of working progressive solar power. We have re-invented the in-wheel… Continue Reading

Amazing SOLAR and WIND Powered VAN

This is fantastic, it just shows what you can do with renewable energy. This is the way forward for vehicle technology. An electric powered van that uses onboard wind and solar generation to charge it’s batteries. For more info go… Continue Reading

Free Power From The Sun. Solar EV Charging

Any Hydrogen technology managed by Corporate oil will only be a means to entrap people with hydrogen in the same manner as gasoline. For now solar and solar charging an EV is something that is practical today. On the grid… Continue Reading

SOLAR Powered TOYOTA Prius News Feature

Solar electrical vehicles can convert your prius to solar. You will get much more MPG under normal driving. PLUS if you only do a few miles a day and don’t go over 42 mph you will NEVER have to buy… Continue Reading