what do u think? plz?

For yr 11 2a/2b english we have been assigned to write an original essay on any topic. I have chosen oil reserves and the effects it has on the economy but am stumped. Can you guys give me your opinions… Continue Reading

Why do Conservatives still argue that FDR had nothing to do with the?

recovery and economic development that lasted for 50 years after the Great Depression. Conservatives argue that the government cannot create economic activity, that only business does that. They argue that WWII was the reason why we were lifted out of… Continue Reading

Thin Film Solar Cell Technology – Professor Chris Binns – University of Leicester

In this short interview Professor Chris Binns explains a project to develop Thin Film Solar Cell Technology. Norwegian company EnSol AS has patented a ground breaking, thin film solar cell technology which they seek to develop commercially by 2016. The… Continue Reading

California Solar Company Gets $5 billion contract in China. Is this the new economy?

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100109/ap_on_bi_ge/as_china_solar_power Al Gore and Obama both has said that the new US economy will be made up of "Green jobs". Now a California company has received a lucrative contract to build a huge solar electric-generating plant in China. Is this… Continue Reading

Should we have listened to Jimmy Carter and tried to lessen our dependence of oil and move toward more?

sustainable energy sources in the 1970’s? Carter started and ethanol program which Reagan promptly stopped after Carter’s defeat. Reagan, to make a statement about which direction we would go, removed the solar panels from the White House roof when elected.… Continue Reading

DIY My small home solar power system

A brief layout of my solar system that I installed in my small house

Amazing SOLAR and WIND Powered VAN

This is fantastic, it just shows what you can do with renewable energy. This is the way forward for vehicle technology. An electric powered van that uses onboard wind and solar generation to charge it’s batteries. For more info go… Continue Reading

How much will our electric bills go up when we start using the "green" technology like solar panels?

A documentary the other night showed an office building that was supplied by solar panels and how great it was. Then they brought up the fact that the cost was astronomical and it was 90% build with government concessions. American… Continue Reading