The More You Know About Green Energy, The More You Can Share With Others

Green Outlet

If you want to help the environment while saving money on your power bills, you might want to learn about green energy technology. Green energy technology isn’t difficult or complicated to implement. Just do some research to learn what to… Continue Reading

Indoor Solar Cells? A 500 Megawatt Proposal

Complete video at: Howard Clearfield, CTO of G24 Innovations, discusses potential applications of dye-sensitized solar cells. Since these cells operate indoors, Clearfield explains using the technology with indoor devices that draw standby power, like televisions, would take over 500… Continue Reading

solar power question-very lite use…?

ok, question, what do you think the amount of panels needed and cost of installation/basic upkeep for; 300 square foot cabin, used weekends only. open flame heat, so for lighting, mini fridge (plugged in only while cabin is occupied) hot… Continue Reading