Renewable Energy Degrees: Green Jobs = Bright Future

According to the Worldwatch Institute: Driven by the gathering sense of a climate crisis, the notion of “green jobs”-especially in the renewable energy sector-is now receiving unprecedented attention. Currently about 2.3 million people worldwide work either directly in renewables or… Continue Reading

What is one alternative energy technology that you would like to see become more widespread?

I know we have a lot of alternative energy skeptics in here, but the reality is that point-source energy production using a wide array of energy technologies will be the way of the future. Large scale wind and solar operations… Continue Reading

Conservatives — Can you read this summary of the Cap and Trade bill without foaming at the mouth?

Summary Of The Waxman-Markey Climate Bill: American Clean Energy and Security Act. June 27th, 2009 • Related • Filed Under Some of the key points of the American Clean Energy & Security Act from Grist, since they know better than… Continue Reading

Why would alternative energy companies need tax credits if their technology was superior?

Re: this Yahoo article: It always amazes me that companies which have been developing alternative energy technologies for OVER 25 YEARS, with tax credits and other government subsidies to make them a low-cost technologically superior reality, continue to demand… Continue Reading

Obama letter, help please?

Imagine that you are an individual interested in making a million investment in one of the alternative energy technologies (geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, solar, biomass, wind, or nuclear). In order for your major investment to have a good return, you have… Continue Reading

How Solar Energy Technology Works

Photovoltaic (PV) power systems, renewable energy technologies, Solar cells, arrays, fuel efficiency Save while saving the environment with Renewable or Solar Energy. Solar panels convert suns energy to power your house. Serving Maryland MD, Virginia VA, DC.

Has anyone heard any uses for new energy like spray on solar cells?

We all need to start applying these breakthrough energy technologies, they are amazing. Like the nano solar cells that can capture the infrared spectrum of the sun’s energy even on a cloudy day, and you can put them on anything… Continue Reading

Open Sourcing Free Energy Technology – Sterling D. Allan, CEO of Pure Energy Systems Network, and founder of the New Energy Congress, gives the captone presentation on Aug. 11, 2007 at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle. He speaks about the process of screening for… Continue Reading

Solar Energy – The Future is Now Learn how to make your own renewable energy. Don’t pay the electricity company, make the electricity company pay you. Get started for under 0 visit for more info 🙂 Blogging effectively using natural resources (sunlight & wind) The… Continue Reading