Who says government cant do anything right needs to have their head examined?

Government did a wonderful job of getting us to the moon in less than a decade of time trying. Now, thanks to the space race, we all benefit from the satellites that revolve around the earth. Add these to the… Continue Reading


IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU KNOW ANYYY ANSWERS TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS! THANKS! vvvv 1. Which is the term for multiple photovoltaic cells linked together to receive a higher energy input from the sun? A. Solar power station… Continue Reading

Do you think solar panel roadways linked across the country could reverse the effects of global climate change

My Idea for solving Hydrocarbon Problems My idea consists of creating an electrical system placed upon our nations highways in the form of an interconnected highly durable plastic solar panel system. Imagine if all of our roads were covered with… Continue Reading