Heres a question based on theory and speculitive events on E.T's?

Based that astronauts like, Buzz Aldrin and Gordon Cooper as well as current astronauts in the international space station talk about "spheres" and "boogies" large metallic disk that seem to go into thunder storms and emit a very spectacular light… Continue Reading

where can i find good information on solar energy?

for a science project, i need to answer the following questions; Are there any harmful wastes produced by this technology? Does this technology consume natural resources which can not be renewed? Will natural habitats be adversely affected by this technology?… Continue Reading

Why are the Dem Governor & 2 Dem Senators in Michigan Allowing the Elderly to Freeze to Death on their Watch?

– Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm, Obama friend and adviser – Democrat Senator Levin, Obama supporter – Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow, Obama friend and supporter How many more elderly and poor will suffer when Obama forces them to buy more expensive… Continue Reading

Why do fundamentalists insist on interpreting certain words and phrases in the Old Testament literally?

The word "day" has a broad meaning. Look it up. It has many definitions besides "24 hours". So why believe literally that God created the earth at the same time as the rest of the universe and before the star… Continue Reading

Does a Muslim scientists creation of a "new solar cell" reflect new light on Islam's image?

JUST KIDDING!! The person who invented this new solar cell isnt a Muslim, but a WOMAN named Pam Shapiro. Why did this question get your attention? Is it because you never ever hear of anything being invented by people… Continue Reading

Why should we increase nuclear power use when geothermal and solar thermal are available?

Google announced today that it is investing .25 million in an energy technology called Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). According to an MIT report on EGS, only 2% of the heat beneath the continental US between 3 and 10 kilometers (depths… Continue Reading

Have you seen the MIT press release about their photovoltaic hydrogen experiments?

MIT released an article in Science magazine on 7/31 that may revolutionize the energy industry in ten years. We may be able to generate hydrogen for our home and vehicle from back-yard solar panels under development. Google "MIT Photovoltaic Discovery".… Continue Reading

Micro Concentrated Solar Power from Sopogy – a green energy seminar

Google Tech Talks September 18, 2008 ABSTRACT Sopogy is bringing smaller concentrated solar energy systems to the market: Process heat, air conditioning, and power generation. You will hear about the first renewable energy and solar technology to ever be awarded… Continue Reading