SHEC Energy – Most efficient solar power in the world

A news video about SHEC Energy’s new solar thermal energy generation technology. The system is one of the most efficient in the world due to a design which limits energy losses at extreme operating temperatures much higher than other solar… Continue Reading

Is it about time that we end "renewable" energy subsidies?

We taxpayers have dumped $Billions into wind, solar…etc. and have gotten no return. Shouldn’t we allow the Free Market determine what forms of energy we use? From the Wall Street Journal: "Congress seems ready to spend billions on a new… Continue Reading

SBS News: New Solar Institute in New Castle, AUSRA’s Kimberlina Solar Thermal Power Plant.

SBS News: New Solar Institute being launched in New Castle. AU govt committed 0M to fast-track solar research and hopes that this will assist with reducing solar energy costs. AU developed technologies are being used to generate solar thermal power… Continue Reading

1st we had an Industrial Revolution then a Tech Revolution. Will Green Energy be the boom of the 21st century?

If so, will it be solar technology, fuel cell/battery innovation or something else? Tha*Luna… (below) I disagree because I envision the majority homes in 2020 being built with geothermal and/or solar energy included. I also envison alt energy cars being… Continue Reading

If the government is really serious about green energy wouldn't it make sense to subsidize solar power?

By this I mean subsidize for citizens. What would the effect of making funds available to homeowners to add solar power to their houses have. It would reduce emissions. It would increase power production. It would spur new innovations in… Continue Reading

Sky Business News: Bob Matthews, Ausra, talks about new emissions target legislation passed

Sky Business News, 2009: Bob Matthews, Ausra, talks about new emissions target legislation passed and what it will mean to cleantech industries and Ausra’s future developments in Australia. For latest Ausra media, visit:

Energy Towers Power & Water – Introductory Overview.mpg

A 5-minute 40-second overview of the Energy Towers technology. Developed at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology by Prof. Dan Zaslavsky, this is the most cost-effective technology for supplying zero-emission electricity from renewable sources. Electricity can be produced more cheaply than… Continue Reading

Channel 7 News: Arnold Schwarzenegger opens Ausra’s first US solar thermal power plant

AU based, Channel 7 News: Arnold Schwarzenegger opening AUSRA’s first US based solar thermal power plant built in CA.

A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee – A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee Have you ever wondered if you were capable of assembling a homemade solar panel to provide electricity for your home? It’s a great way to save… Continue Reading