Jeremy Leggett, Solar Century, on green technology

Here Jeremy Leggett, founder of Solar Century, a solar solutions company, and former campaigner on climate change for Greenpeace International, discusses here the photovoltaics industry, renewable energy and the financial crisis touching on feeding tariffs, green technology and supporting the… Continue Reading

Could concentrated solar thermal generate 25% of world power by 2050?

A new study by Greenpeace International, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association and the International Energy Agency considers three different potential scenarios for concentrated solar power’s (CSP) growth over the next few decades. In the third and most aggressive scenario,… Continue Reading

Pleasee help with Environmental Science work! thank you! p.s if ur not gonna help don't say anything at all!?

11. This agency is in charge of finding reliable energy sources. The amount of energy fuels coming from foreign oil, coal, and other fossil fuels is required to be reduced over the next ten years. Replacement fuels and technologies are… Continue Reading