what do u think? plz?

For yr 11 2a/2b english we have been assigned to write an original essay on any topic. I have chosen oil reserves and the effects it has on the economy but am stumped. Can you guys give me your opinions… Continue Reading

How much does it cost do have solar power to run an average home? Wind power? hydro Power? How big is the unit

This is for a science project so I need a valid source. By the question about the size of the unit I mean exactly how many solar cells, how many blades, depth of water, models for all(if possible). I’m not… Continue Reading

The excessive removal of trees to make way for farming lands is called?

1)pre-farming industrial farming afforestation deforestation 2) Which event may have pushed early humans to perform more deforestation? The seasonal flooding of the Nile basin The development of agriculture The development of shipyards The development of cabinet-making All the following are… Continue Reading