A question about alternative energy?

To meet his 10-year goal of making the U.S. independent of foreign oil and to head off increased climate change, Gore said nuclear energy output would continue at current levels while the nation dramatically increases its use of solar, wind,… Continue Reading

can I produce clean water, electricity and cooling at the same time from bio-diesel or solar?

This technology is called tricogeneration, but is seem as though not even money can buy it. There seems to be many false leads on the internet or there are lots of prototypes that have not hit the market yet. I… Continue Reading

is solar living a sham?

I am in India and have been studyin the commercial aspects of PV panels and their usage for many years now is it safe to say that even today…PV s are exorbitantly expensive and also inefficient..and hence totally unviable as… Continue Reading

I need answer from the experts regarding the solar power generation in India, regarding development and issues

Please give me the deatils regarding the solar power in India, pertaining to recent developments and issues.I need the experts advice regarding this. Other Solar Power Sites Online Dubai‚Äôs world tallest tower starts using solar power | Peace News USA… Continue Reading