Why Pursue Online Renewable Energy Degree Programs?

Flexible One of the advantages of distance learning is flexibility. With the availability of on-line colleges, universities, and certificate programs, hectic routines are no longer an excuse for not facilitating one’s education! Obtaining a degree online may be easier and… Continue Reading

Can you prove the heliocentric model of the solar system?

This question came up recently. There are always put downs towards christianity for not accepting this model because of the Bible and so forth. I just wanted to see if anyone can prove this without using modern technology (no spaceships… Continue Reading

A question for all intelligent people?

I am not a theist, I follow modern satanism (basically atheism) with some deeper philosophical and psychological beliefs than the traditional atheist. One of the few problems I have with atheism is… How did life manage to come around out… Continue Reading

Sailing Across the Pacific – Day 7: Modern Technology

Continuing across the North Pacific with the help of solar power and the technology they power ( Except for the Tiller Pilot that died on Day 3) Click the footprints at americanvega.org for more about us and our Albin Vega… Continue Reading

What would be the result of a solar storm as strong as the one in 1859?

Since we didn’t have much for electricity or battery-powered handheld devices and vehicles back then, it’s scary to think how another strong solar storm could affect our modern technology. Reading up on the solar storm of 1859, I’m reading this:… Continue Reading