How can I become more effcient to the Earth and myself?

Your Open QuestionShow me another ยป How can I become more efficient to the Earth and oneself? I believe in conserving the Earth as it is the only planet in which to this date, is inhabitable by the human race.… Continue Reading

Real World: Solar Power on Earth

In this NASA video segment learn how NASA-inspired technologies produce solar power here on Earth. Go behind the scenes at the “Solar Decathlon,” a competition that challenged twenty colleges and universities to design a solar-powered house. Learn how solar power… Continue Reading

Do you think the USA should attempt to send a manned flight to Mars? Apollo gave us huge benefits, will Mars?

Due to the Apollo lunar missions and the development of the Space Shuttle system the entire world has reaped the benefits of NASA’s research and development. Everything from solar power cells, miniturization of computer components to protective heat shields and… Continue Reading