I need to convert my old oil furnace?

Electric or Gas, Gas or Electric? I WANT SOLAR I need to convert my old oil furnace and all the ducting to a new energy system. What about solar? If that’s not a viable option, wouldn’t an electric furnace be… Continue Reading

Why don't we spend more money on wind or solar power?

Conservative estimates of the spending on the war in iraq total over 500 billion dollars. This would be enough money to supply energy to 60 million homes if spent on solar or wind energy sources. Or, the money could have… Continue Reading

Has anyone heard any uses for new energy like spray on solar cells?

We all need to start applying these breakthrough energy technologies, they are amazing. Like the nano solar cells that can capture the infrared spectrum of the sun’s energy even on a cloudy day, and you can put them on anything… Continue Reading

Open Sourcing Free Energy Technology

live.pirillo.com – Sterling D. Allan, CEO of Pure Energy Systems Network, and founder of the New Energy Congress, gives the captone presentation on Aug. 11, 2007 at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle. He speaks about the process of screening for… Continue Reading

solar power question-very lite use…?

ok, question, what do you think the amount of panels needed and cost of installation/basic upkeep for; 300 square foot cabin, used weekends only. open flame heat, so for lighting, mini fridge (plugged in only while cabin is occupied) hot… Continue Reading