In today's energy climate, why aren't new home builds installing geo-thermal units vs the usual technology?

Why are they not installing solar attic ventilators (0) and hot-water-on-demand systems vs the same 1940s hot water tank? Will we ever move on to new technology (that currently exists) or are we trapped in a 20th century blueprint?

Did you hear that the White House is going to Solar Power?

Solar Panels are being installed in the White House to provide some of the power needs. I think this is great, and I hope they put the entire building on Solar Power, because that will help Americans overcome their fear… Continue Reading

New Technology For harvesting Energy From A Helicoptor’s Rotor

MIcroStrain Inc. has developed new technology for the military that allows them to power sensors on their integral pitch-link assembly using only the vibrations generated by the rotors. This new technology could save countless hours of maintenance, improve reliability, and… Continue Reading

Thin Film Solar Cell Technology – Professor Chris Binns – University of Leicester

In this short interview Professor Chris Binns explains a project to develop Thin Film Solar Cell Technology. Norwegian company EnSol AS has patented a ground breaking, thin film solar cell technology which they seek to develop commercially by 2016. The… Continue Reading

Solar dish concentrator new technology! mass production at low cost

Convertpower LTD, develop master solution, that will Dramatically changing worldwide energy production, while reducing pollution, energy costs by harnessing the biggest global power source, the sun. Combining many methods and techniques together to create a solar power device and storing… Continue Reading

MOVA Globe – New Technology – Never Seen Before!

Available at MOVA Globe – The Perpetual Motion, Rotating Globe. The world’s most advanced world globe, Mova rotates silently inside a clear acrylic sphere. Powered by natural light, Mova Globe requires no cords, no batteries … only the gentle… Continue Reading

Solar panels: different types? best and why? new technology coming?

I have a couple questions about Solar Panels for houses or even energy farms: 1. What are the different types? explain what they are? 2. Which type is the best? Why? How much better? Or can you tell me in… Continue Reading