A question about alternative energy?

To meet his 10-year goal of making the U.S. independent of foreign oil and to head off increased climate change, Gore said nuclear energy output would continue at current levels while the nation dramatically increases its use of solar, wind,… Continue Reading


can you help me by correcting my answers if i got them wrong. the ones with the stars are what i think the answer is PLEASE HELP 1. Water is distributed on Earth in which of the following locations? A.… Continue Reading

A simple plan for dealing with Iran that will most likely never be considered by those in power?

So now we have Iran which refuses to curtail it’s uranium enrichment activities because it claims to need to pursue nuclear energy for it’s people. Israel is nervous and threatening to attack Iran. Iran, in turn is threatening to attack… Continue Reading

Obama calls for a new generation of nuclear energy?

The President reiterated a campaign viewpoint to revive nuclear power in the United States in his State of the Union Address, and this is expected to be made tangible by a reservation of billion in the 2011 budget for loans… Continue Reading

Please help me revise a speech for the election!?

It’s really bad! Be as critical as possible without being mean! Candidates’ Environmental Plans Polar bears are going extinct because of the melting ice burgs. The temperature is increasing 5°C every century. Global warming is causing the ozone layer, Earth’s… Continue Reading

the weather makers by time flannery questions?

i have to answer these questions whoever answeres the most gets best answer Part 1. Gaia’s Tools 1. What is the Gaia hypothesis? 2. What are greenhouse gases? List the four layers of Earth’s atmosphere. On what basis is the… Continue Reading

Power Technology Institute in Detroit Michigan

pti.miat.edu PTI is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of echnology (ACCSCT), so financial aid is available and varies for those who qualify. PTI’s Financial Aid Office takes a personal approach to help you determine and… Continue Reading

What do you think of Obama shutting down Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage development?

22 years of work and 13.5 billion dollars down the drain. Now nuclear waste sits at nuclear power plants with nowhere to go. Why are Obama & Democrats so afraid of nuclear energy? That’s the only viable way for us… Continue Reading