Why cant we use nuclear power exactly?

Okay, heres the question part. Being that Solar and wind technologies do not have as high of a yield for energy, and considering in the resistance of the lines and the price of the grade of copper that will have… Continue Reading

Why would we build any more nuclear power plants?

A lot of people, including John McCain, think nuclear power is the best solution to the US’s energy problems. However, the cost of nuclear power has been skyrocketting. From 2000 through October 2007, nuclear power plant construction costs — mainly… Continue Reading

Why should we increase nuclear power use when geothermal and solar thermal are available?

Google announced today that it is investing .25 million in an energy technology called Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). According to an MIT report on EGS, only 2% of the heat beneath the continental US between 3 and 10 kilometers (depths… Continue Reading

I have researched solar power and still wonder why it isn't used more in the usa?

I have posted similar question before about solar power and asking why the usa hasn’t done worth spit in geting more solar power. A 100 sqr ft of solar panel durring full sun makes roughly 1kw. Solar powered water heaters… Continue Reading