Why are the Dem Governor & 2 Dem Senators in Michigan Allowing the Elderly to Freeze to Death on their Watch?

– Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm, Obama friend and adviser – Democrat Senator Levin, Obama supporter – Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow, Obama friend and supporter How many more elderly and poor will suffer when Obama forces them to buy more expensive… Continue Reading

Weekly Address: Solar Power & a Clean Energy Economy

The President points to a revolutionary new solar plant that will employ 1000 people and power 140000 homes. The plant is possible because of the President’s investments in the clean energy economy, which Congressional Republicans want to eliminate.

California Solar Company Gets $5 billion contract in China. Is this the new economy?

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100109/ap_on_bi_ge/as_china_solar_power Al Gore and Obama both has said that the new US economy will be made up of "Green jobs". Now a California company has received a lucrative contract to build a huge solar electric-generating plant in China. Is this… Continue Reading

A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee

www.SolarEnergyGuide.net – A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee Have you ever wondered if you were capable of assembling a homemade solar panel to provide electricity for your home? It’s a great way to save… Continue Reading

What companies stand to benefit from greener energy and technology?

Given the incoming Obama administration’s emphasis on greener energy solutions, what companies out there are best positioned to gain from this shift? What American companies are currently leading the way in cleaner energy (solar, wind, ethanol, etc)?

Build Home Solar Power

www.SolarEnergyGuide.net – Build Home Solar Power HOME BUILDING Other : Solar Power : DIY Network In this third segment of Efficient host Lynda Lyday travels to Southern California to see how a builder there is installing solar power systems to… Continue Reading

Space Based Solar Power – Alternative Energy Solution

FACT: There aren’t enough resources on this planet to sustain continued human growth and increasing quality of life. FACT: If we want to avoid catastrophic war, suffering, and global shortages of energy, we need to start looking to space seriously… Continue Reading