Are orbiting power plants in our future?

A recent report is urging the government to sponsor a demonstration of the technology used to harness solar power in hopes of spurring private investment. Rising oil prices have made the technology more appealing, and would reduce the nation’s dependence… Continue Reading

Green Technologies – innovation and climate change – sustainagility Green technologies presentation at UBS Wolfsberg by Futurist keynote conference speaker and author Sustainagility, Patrick Dixon. How innovation will reduce energy use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Business case studies for carbon capture, street lighting, wind power, solar energy,… Continue Reading

Solar (industry/technology) growth as a function of Oil prices?

Solar (industry/technology) growth as a function of Oil prices Driving forces for Solar Power: 1. Government incentives 2. High crude oil prices (upto 8 in june 2008 timeframe) 3. Green Energy With crude oil below (11/14/2008) the will this impact… Continue Reading