can you help me by correcting my answers if i got them wrong. the ones with the stars are what i think the answer is PLEASE HELP 1. Water is distributed on Earth in which of the following locations? A.… Continue Reading

help in biology??

Question 9 2 points Save Acid rain is caused by ___________ and results in ____________. Question 9 answers chlorofluorocarbons from refrigerators; a decrease in the ozone layer. hydrochloric acid from power plants; "bleaching" lakes and trees. carbon dioxide air pollution;… Continue Reading

Some Scientific Facts in 700 CE did you hear about them?

Asad Khan" < Ours is an era of space probes, computer chips, laser surgeries and cloning. If we were to label any book as a revelation from God, we couldn’t help but to scrutinize this Scripture using modern scientific knowledge.… Continue Reading

Please help me revise a speech for the election!?

It’s really bad! Be as critical as possible without being mean! Candidates’ Environmental Plans Polar bears are going extinct because of the melting ice burgs. The temperature is increasing 5°C every century. Global warming is causing the ozone layer, Earth’s… Continue Reading

Solar Power versus United Kingdom's Solar Rqmt on all new Gov. Bldgs.?

Solar power is renewable, but it’s not cheap because the US has not invested enough in Research & Development. Currently in the United Kingdom all new government buildings are required to have solar panels. So there goes all the theories… Continue Reading