How would we colonize our Solar System in the next 50 years? What Sciences would be involved?

How would we design Ships with current technology, and what would realistic space ships designed with current Technology look like? (The space shuttle is 1970s) What major technology advances would be required? How would we go about mining cruithne? Colonizing… Continue Reading

Thin Film Solar Cell Technology – Professor Chris Binns – University of Leicester

In this short interview Professor Chris Binns explains a project to develop Thin Film Solar Cell Technology. Norwegian company EnSol AS has patented a ground breaking, thin film solar cell technology which they seek to develop commercially by 2016. The… Continue Reading

A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee – A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee Have you ever wondered if you were capable of assembling a homemade solar panel to provide electricity for your home? It’s a great way to save… Continue Reading

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assess the use of Silicon Solar Technology as a means to address social change?

Hey all, I have a Physics assignment due tomorrow and i really need a little help answering this question. 3. Every generation has its “turbulent” period in history. Wars, plagues, slavery and social unrest are just a few examples that… Continue Reading