Question about December 21 2012?

I used to think it was BS, but then i heard that the reason the Mayans predicted this date was because they saw a galactic cycle we are in, where every 26000 years we get as close as we ever… Continue Reading

Can you prove the heliocentric model of the solar system?

This question came up recently. There are always put downs towards christianity for not accepting this model because of the Bible and so forth. I just wanted to see if anyone can prove this without using modern technology (no spaceships… Continue Reading

Is technology advanced enough yet to send a satellite beyond the sun? Read on…?

I know it’s a dumb question, but I’ve always been extremely interested in Astronomy (planets, space, stars, etc) and I’ve always wondered if there will ever be a day when we can send a satellite that can take pictures of… Continue Reading

Why dont we have excellent space technology?

Why dont we invent the technology when we have the technology? We have all these video games and movies that allow us to show and play with technology beyond our own, so why dont we stop showing and playing and… Continue Reading

Why do fundamentalists insist on interpreting certain words and phrases in the Old Testament literally?

The word "day" has a broad meaning. Look it up. It has many definitions besides "24 hours". So why believe literally that God created the earth at the same time as the rest of the universe and before the star… Continue Reading

Why MY GOD of reality missed the mankind in totality.Stay or perish for ever .Read patiently and answer?

GOD Transformation of matter or movement of matter is a universal phenomenon. Supernovas, galaxies, black holes, solar systems, stars, planets & all that constitutes them are under constant movement and transformation. Planet earth placed in the solar system is under… Continue Reading

Can there be Intelligent Life outside Solar System?

Even if there are like Earth like planets, I think we are Unique in the whole Universe. My logic is very simple: Within a few Centuries of Science and Technology, we made such a progress. Now if there is really… Continue Reading