When will solar and wind power be affordable to the average home owner?

I have been doing some research on solar panel and wind turbine systems. The pricing is crazy. For a 10Kw solar grid tie kit system is between ,000 and ,000. If you install batteries add ,000-,000. 10Kw will only power… Continue Reading

Why do conservatives still think that wind and solar power are future technologies?

I keep reading people argue that we have put so much money into research, and that solar and wind are not viable options for supplying our energy needs. 10 years ago Germany put solar panels on all homes and have… Continue Reading

solar power question-very lite use…?

ok, question, what do you think the amount of panels needed and cost of installation/basic upkeep for; 300 square foot cabin, used weekends only. open flame heat, so for lighting, mini fridge (plugged in only while cabin is occupied) hot… Continue Reading

Solar Power Eco-Development Engineering Questions…?

I’m considering integrating solar power systems and components into an eco-development here in Costa Rica. I have some questions in order to budget for these systems: I cant determine if we need a "grid-tie" system or an "off-grid" system. I… Continue Reading