Question about home solar panel systems?

Online stores selling solar photo-voltaic generation kits gives specs indicating the power generation capability of the system. For example, Solar World Grid-Tie Solar Electric System with 245W Panels & PV Powered PVP2000 Inverter, 1.2 to 2.4 kW. This seems to… Continue Reading

PVJapan 2008 Expo (photovoltaic)

WONG: The island nation of Japan has the second largest GDP behind the United States. Although it is an economically viable country, Japan imports 99% of its energy from foreign countries. With world energy costs rising, Japanese manufacturing companies are… Continue Reading

Any New Solar Technologies Coming Out That Excite You? This is my 7th video interview with Erik Bowman Regional Sales Manager of Akeena Solar out of Denver Colorado. SolarDave: Any New Solar Technologies Coming Out That Excite You? Erik Bowman: There are a lot of different technologies when… Continue Reading

A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee – A Homemade Solar Panel Can Power Your Home – 100% Workable Guarantee Have you ever wondered if you were capable of assembling a homemade solar panel to provide electricity for your home? It’s a great way to save… Continue Reading

Build Home Solar Power – Build Home Solar Power HOME BUILDING Other : Solar Power : DIY Network In this third segment of Efficient host Lynda Lyday travels to Southern California to see how a builder there is installing solar power systems to… Continue Reading

Solar dish concentrator new technology! mass production at low cost

Convertpower LTD, develop master solution, that will Dramatically changing worldwide energy production, while reducing pollution, energy costs by harnessing the biggest global power source, the sun. Combining many methods and techniques together to create a solar power device and storing… Continue Reading

Roof VAWT Installation

Introducing the latest in hybrid wind and solar power technology Bayat Energy can offer you the latest and compact types of wind and solar power generators the world has to offer, providing natural and clean power, saving energy as well… Continue Reading

SolFocus Story

SolFocus provides solar energy solutions which will enable solar energy generation that is cost competitive with traditional fossil fuel sources. SolFocus has an expanding portfolio of products and technologies including solar concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems, intelligent tracking systems for CPV… Continue Reading

Solar panel question for DIY?

I have seen a lot of DIY information on making your own solar panels. I have even purchased a couple of them. However, they have not been very helpful in the fact that they either call for buying tons of… Continue Reading