How much CO2 is reduced by solar panels compared to how much CO2 is required to manufacture them?

I was reading an article that stipulated that much of the CO2 issues purported to be reduced were practically negligible when compared to how much CO2 was expelled in their manufacturing. The idea was that many of the attributes of… Continue Reading

Why would alternative energy companies need tax credits if their technology was superior?

Re: this Yahoo article: It always amazes me that companies which have been developing alternative energy technologies for OVER 25 YEARS, with tax credits and other government subsidies to make them a low-cost technologically superior reality, continue to demand… Continue Reading

Do you agree with American CEOs who want stronger regulations on climate change?

"Without clear climate change policy, not only will manufacturing jobs be siphoned off to overseas rivals investing heavily in renewable energy sources, but U.S. companies won’t have any clear direction on where best to invest their money in new capital… Continue Reading

What would be the result of a solar storm as strong as the one in 1859?

Since we didn’t have much for electricity or battery-powered handheld devices and vehicles back then, it’s scary to think how another strong solar storm could affect our modern technology. Reading up on the solar storm of 1859, I’m reading this:… Continue Reading

At what address would I write a letter to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah?

I read this article in the Los Angeles Times about a "rebuilding" fair put on in New Orleans. The article talked about modular housing and it’s new styles and technologies. I want to send information about modular housing to Hizballah… Continue Reading

Do you really think Obama would have been elected last fall IF he had give a truthful speech?

Imagine that last fall, before being elected, Barack Obama had outlined the positions he has embraced since being inaugurated. An honest campaign speech could have gone something like this: "As we approach Election Day, the American people should not waste… Continue Reading

Could we alter more businesses to use solar power?

Mega Laundromat Goes Solar Michael Tarm, Associated Press July 31, 2006 — One of Tom Benson’s claims to fame, proclaimed in five-foot-high letters across his storefront, is that he owns the "WORLD’S LARGEST LAUNDROMAT" — complete with 153 washers, 148… Continue Reading

Why would Sarah Palin try to start a “Drill Baby Drill” chant at a speech to a solar power company?

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (AP) – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is looking toward her political future even as her political present has yet to be decided…… ….Palin spoke after touring Xunlight Corp., one of a handful of solar technology startup… Continue Reading