can you help me by correcting my answers if i got them wrong. the ones with the stars are what i think the answer is PLEASE HELP 1. Water is distributed on Earth in which of the following locations? A.… Continue Reading

Why don't we pipe seawater into our homes and then split it into combustible Hydrogen and Oxygen w/solar power

My understanding is that salt water is fairly easily converted into its combustible gas components (or even better "Brown’s" gas I think it’s called) with a little current and a particular kind of metal. Since there is obviously a huge… Continue Reading

If the middle east is so engorged with oil why don't they prepare for the wind/solar/hydrogen future?

Why don’t the countries of the middle east take the profits that they are making on oil and reinvest that into a wind/Solar/Hyrdogen economy. They have the perfect land for solar panels and windmills, deserts. And they have access to… Continue Reading