Proof of science in Hinduism?

Can someone please tell me how science is incorporated in Hindu beliefs? I know Hindus believe in evolution(shows Lord Vishnu arising from the sea and then becoming a turtle a dwarf,earlier stage of human development, and then a homosapien) I… Continue Reading

Our Technical Reality Part 1 of 6

An often debated topic by those who don’t think The Venus Project will work is the notion that we don’t have the technology to pull this off. This video addresses this. If you want the full uncut version, let me… Continue Reading

News Report: Solar powered aircraft flies for over 7 days! 20/07/2010

The Zephyr unmanned aircraft flies for over 7 days (20th July 2010) The craft is powered by lithium-sulphur batteries that charge during the day sufficiently enough to maintain the craft’s altitude by night. The plane can persist over an area,… Continue Reading

Israel at the cutting edge of Sustainable Energy Technology.

The tiny country of Israel is a great innovator in Science and Technology,here they show one example for loosing the dependance on fossil fuels to produce electricity,making Solar power even more economically viable.

Breakthrough Solar Energy Technology from Israel

The latest star performer in solar cell technology comes from Israel. The developers say their new panels offer an inexpensive way to collect both electric and thermal energy. One year ago professor Feiman showed us his pilot plan for an… Continue Reading

MOVA Globe – New Technology – Never Seen Before!

Available at MOVA Globe – The Perpetual Motion, Rotating Globe. The world’s most advanced world globe, Mova rotates silently inside a clear acrylic sphere. Powered by natural light, Mova Globe requires no cords, no batteries … only the gentle… Continue Reading