I have a question for people who are interested in global warming…..?

I really dont know much about it so I was doing some research and I found this website, http://www.middlebury.net/op-ed/global-warming-01.html the article is really long so I dont expect you to read it (unless you really want to) so here’s the… Continue Reading

Will you watch Larry Joseph tonight on Conan O'Brien discussing the Apocalypse?

Larry Joseph is author of Apocalypse 2012: A Scientific Investigation into Civilization’s End and he’s also the Chairman of a plasma physics company in New Mexico. The Case Against 2012 The thesis of this book is that the year 2012… Continue Reading

Can someone summarize this article into one paragraph for me?

it’s a science article: Venus Express has revealed a planet of extraordinarily changeable and extremely large-scale weather. Bright hazes appear in a matter of days, reaching from the south pole to the low southern latitudes and disappearing just as quickly.… Continue Reading