Can one person really make a difference?

Hi if anyone was is a solar expert of some sort, can you please help me and answer my interview questions? Its for a project and I need to interview someone with some sort of general knowledge of Solar power… Continue Reading

How much CO2 is reduced by solar panels compared to how much CO2 is required to manufacture them?

I was reading an article that stipulated that much of the CO2 issues purported to be reduced were practically negligible when compared to how much CO2 was expelled in their manufacturing. The idea was that many of the attributes of… Continue Reading

California Solar Company Gets $5 billion contract in China. Is this the new economy? Al Gore and Obama both has said that the new US economy will be made up of "Green jobs". Now a California company has received a lucrative contract to build a huge solar electric-generating plant in China. Is this… Continue Reading

Why is Bush actively discouraging the development of alternative fuels?

when Congress passed the 2007 energy bill last December, it failed to extend any stimulus for wind and solar energy production. Oil and gas kept all their credits, but those for wind and solar have been left to expire this… Continue Reading