Renewable Energy Degrees: Green Jobs = Bright Future

According to the Worldwatch Institute: Driven by the gathering sense of a climate crisis, the notion of “green jobs”-especially in the renewable energy sector-is now receiving unprecedented attention. Currently about 2.3 million people worldwide work either directly in renewables or… Continue Reading

A simple plan for dealing with Iran that will most likely never be considered by those in power?

So now we have Iran which refuses to curtail it’s uranium enrichment activities because it claims to need to pursue nuclear energy for it’s people. Israel is nervous and threatening to attack Iran. Iran, in turn is threatening to attack… Continue Reading

Solar Energy – The Future is Now Learn how to make your own renewable energy. Don’t pay the electricity company, make the electricity company pay you. Get started for under 0 visit for more info 🙂 Blogging effectively using natural resources (sunlight & wind) The… Continue Reading

Solar Energy MST on TV English Voice

MST addresses the needs of the Global Clean Energy Market by introducing advanced technology to convert solar energy into electricity at an affordable price, one the worlds most efficient Solar Energy technologies. Concentrated PhotoVoltaics produce more energy using less space… Continue Reading