Solar powered shed setup UK

Pictures followed by video tour. (tour starts at 1.20) This is my first attempt at setting up a solar system at home. It is based in my dads shed and has the following characteristics: 12v, 70Ah Deep cycle battery 20W… Continue Reading

QinetiQ Zephyr solar powered plane.

The QinetiQ team launches Zephyr in Yuma in August 2008. Zephyr is a solar powered UAV designed and built by QinetiQ for continuous flight over several months. Zephyr currently holds the unofficial record for the longest unmanned flight at around… Continue Reading

Roof VAWT Installation

Introducing the latest in hybrid wind and solar power technology Bayat Energy can offer you the latest and compact types of wind and solar power generators the world has to offer, providing natural and clean power, saving energy as well… Continue Reading

Grand Opening of the Lieberose Solar Park on August 20, 2009

(English language version) Documenting the dedication of the Lieberose Solar Park by Federal Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee, Minister President of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck, and Ulrich Junghans (Minister of Economic Affairs for Bandenburg). The Lieberose Solar Park, which is under development in… Continue Reading

Powerful Solar Power Charger Enough To Get Laptop Going

Let the sun charge your cell phone. [ ] Why is it that cell phones can get emergency power supplies and have solar panels to get them going again, after all bigger gadgets, like laptops need emergency power booster… Continue Reading

cheap – Solar power! technology

solar power that is to be cheaper then building a coal plant. BAD NEWS: 🙁 Other Solar Power Sites Online laptop solar power | SMALL SCALE WIND TURBINES More Good CO Energy News: Xcel Will Retire Old, Dirty Coal… Continue Reading