the bigest theart to coal miners yet it must be stop?

how are we going to rip guys off when can get almost free power. 100 square miles of hydro solar would do it and add in following no coal mines no co2 no coal ash no Mercury it almost free… Continue Reading

Open Source Tractor, Rototiller, Biodiesel Reactor, Solar Panels

We show the open source tractor, quick attach plate for implements, and open source rototiller. Plus, we show how we set up a biodiesel reactor. We also made more solar panels, and show other fruits of Factor e Farm. More… Continue Reading

Solar Panel Construction 1 – Open Source Ecology

This shows how to solder solar cell ribbon to solar cells. Part 1. For more information, see See more info about constructing our solar panels here: We are looking for people who are interested in building the world’s… Continue Reading

Solar dish concentrator new technology! mass production at low cost

Convertpower LTD, develop master solution, that will Dramatically changing worldwide energy production, while reducing pollution, energy costs by harnessing the biggest global power source, the sun. Combining many methods and techniques together to create a solar power device and storing… Continue Reading

The Global Village Construction Set – Technology and Permaculture – Open Source Ecology

Here is a more general overview of the work of Factor e Farm. We are also kicking off the 1000 True Fans – 1000 Global Villages campaign. We are gathering the support of 1000 people, who commit per month for… Continue Reading

cheap – Solar power! technology

solar power that is to be cheaper then building a coal plant. BAD NEWS: 🙁 Other Solar Power Sites Online laptop solar power | SMALL SCALE WIND TURBINES More Good CO Energy News: Xcel Will Retire Old, Dirty Coal… Continue Reading