Finance Question about NONCONSTANT GROWTH (Will vote all answers)?

(Plz show work) Assume that it is now January 1, 2012. Wayne-Martin Electric Inc. (WME) has developed a solar panel capable of generating 200% more electricity than any other solar panel currently on the market. As a result, WME is… Continue Reading

what are the prospects of solar energy as an alternative commercial source of energy today ?

the solar industry today is being considered for the first time in a serious manner as an alternative clean fuel source to generating energy when compared to dirty fossil fuels like oil and coal that generate energy such as electricity.… Continue Reading

News Update: AT&T and SunEdison to Add More Solar Power in California

AT&T (NYSE:T) and SunEdison, a solar energy services provider and subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE:WFR), have teamed up to expand AT&T’s national solar initiative by activating a new roof-top solar power installation in San Diego. AT&T and SunEdison have… Continue Reading