Inside Nanosolar – Thin-Film Solar Startup Thin-Film Solar Startup Debuts With Billion in Contracts A startup with a secret recipe for printing cheap solar cells on aluminum foil debuted today, in what could end up a milestone for the industry. Nanosolars technology consists of sandwiches… Continue Reading

New Technology For harvesting Energy From A Helicoptor’s Rotor

MIcroStrain Inc. has developed new technology for the military that allows them to power sensors on their integral pitch-link assembly using only the vibrations generated by the rotors. This new technology could save countless hours of maintenance, improve reliability, and… Continue Reading

SolarMagic Power Optimizers Help You Get the Most Power out of Your PV Array –

National Semiconductor showcased their SolarMagic solar power optimizers at this year’s Solar Power International conference. Built upon Nationals analog power management circuits, SolarMagic power optimizers give back PV system owners much of the power they currently lose to real-world conditions… Continue Reading

Should we be concerned the USA only has 4 of the world's top 30 companies in wind, solar, and battery tech?

Of the world’s top 10 wind energy technology companies, only one is American (GE). Of the top 10 solar companies, even though solar photovoltaic technology was developed in the USA, again we only have 1 top company in the USA.… Continue Reading

Zenith turns an Israeli kibbutz solar

ZenithSolar, an Israeli solar technology company, has installed its first innovative new solar farm on a Kibbutz in Israel that will create environmentally friendly energy at low costs. The technology can be used by other communities worldwide as a cost-efficient… Continue Reading

ItaliaspeedTV – SolarPrint enters into partnership with Fiat to develop “smart” solar roof

Irish energy technology company SolarPrint has entered into a partnership with Fiat to develop a “smart roof” incorporating low cost photo voltaic (solar) cells and lithium batteries that will in turn be used to power on board devices in cars.… Continue Reading

Breakthrough Solar Energy Technology from Israel

The latest star performer in solar cell technology comes from Israel. The developers say their new panels offer an inexpensive way to collect both electric and thermal energy. One year ago professor Feiman showed us his pilot plan for an… Continue Reading

User’s Guide: Solar Gadgets

Orlando Sentinel Technology Columnist Etan Horowitz reviews three solar gadgets that are designed to let you leave your chargers at home: the Solio charger, the Voltaic backpack and the Iqua Sun Bluetooth headset. For more technology news and reviews go… Continue Reading