Life in Our Solar System?

So, The Universe is estimated to be 13 billion years old possibly…(unless your christian ig, then the universe is like much younger.). and, through looking into space, we have possible discovered 1 or 2 more planets or so that through… Continue Reading

Fact supported ultimate question…?

The Earth is around 4.5 billion years old. Intelligent man has been looking at the stars for approx 5,000 years (Different levels of intelligence starting with basic and evolving to present day standards..) Now…. The Universe is approx 13 –… Continue Reading

A question for atheists (this is kind of long)?

Just to start off I am a theist, but I am not necessarily Christian. Anyway, isn’t it safe to say that many modern atheists are atheists because they don’t believe in the Abrihamic Gods, yet you could believe in ghosts,… Continue Reading

Proof of science in Hinduism?

Can someone please tell me how science is incorporated in Hindu beliefs? I know Hindus believe in evolution(shows Lord Vishnu arising from the sea and then becoming a turtle a dwarf,earlier stage of human development, and then a homosapien) I… Continue Reading

How many light years away are some of the solar systems closest to our own?

I asked a similiar question earlier in regards to research for a writing project I am doing, and got some great help, but want to be more specific in this one. I recall reading an article where planets had been… Continue Reading

Why MY GOD of reality missed the mankind in totality.Stay or perish for ever .Read patiently and answer?

GOD Transformation of matter or movement of matter is a universal phenomenon. Supernovas, galaxies, black holes, solar systems, stars, planets & all that constitutes them are under constant movement and transformation. Planet earth placed in the solar system is under… Continue Reading