Open Source Tractor, Rototiller, Biodiesel Reactor, Solar Panels

We show the open source tractor, quick attach plate for implements, and open source rototiller. Plus, we show how we set up a biodiesel reactor. We also made more solar panels, and show other fruits of Factor e Farm. More… Continue Reading

Solar Panel Construction 1 – Open Source Ecology

This shows how to solder solar cell ribbon to solar cells. Part 1. For more information, see See more info about constructing our solar panels here: We are looking for people who are interested in building the world’s… Continue Reading

News Report: Solar powered aircraft flies for over 7 days! 20/07/2010

The Zephyr unmanned aircraft flies for over 7 days (20th July 2010) The craft is powered by lithium-sulphur batteries that charge during the day sufficiently enough to maintain the craft’s altitude by night. The plane can persist over an area,… Continue Reading

The Global Village Construction Set – Technology and Permaculture – Open Source Ecology

Here is a more general overview of the work of Factor e Farm. We are also kicking off the 1000 True Fans – 1000 Global Villages campaign. We are gathering the support of 1000 people, who commit per month for… Continue Reading