Will you watch Larry Joseph tonight on Conan O'Brien discussing the Apocalypse?

Larry Joseph is author of Apocalypse 2012: A Scientific Investigation into Civilization’s End and he’s also the Chairman of a plasma physics company in New Mexico. The Case Against 2012 The thesis of this book is that the year 2012… Continue Reading

How much CO2 is reduced by solar panels compared to how much CO2 is required to manufacture them?

I was reading an article that stipulated that much of the CO2 issues purported to be reduced were practically negligible when compared to how much CO2 was expelled in their manufacturing. The idea was that many of the attributes of… Continue Reading

Essay Planning Ideas, Help appreciated.?

ESSAY TOPIC: How can people prevent technology from becoming a harmful influence? TEACHERS NOTES: Build essay’s paragraphs on specific evidence and explanation. The evidence should include examples and physical details where appropriate, and the explanations should be reasonable. To keep… Continue Reading