How many oil field jobs did Obama create or save? We still run on oil and natural gas and will for decades to come no matter what new technologies are developed today. Reality, you’re living in a dream world. Joan, you’re right. There are no figures, only the bogus… Continue Reading

Does anyone know if there is a service similar to yahoo answers where you can pay for accurate answer?

So, for example, if I wanted the specific answer to a more difficult or specialised question which would be known by only a limited number of people, (or if someone did research). An example question might be, who are all… Continue Reading

Why don't more people use solar energy?

Here’s a recent article from the Christian Science Monitor: This is a quote from the article: On sunny days, solar panels on the roof of Strizki’s detached garage generate more than enough electricity to power his home. This is… Continue Reading

Cant find article from last 2-3 weeks or so, on Yahoo News re: a man that had solar panels who compared cost?

Article spoke of guy who bought large plot of land, had solar panels and a generator, and used fireplace to heat house. story ended by recommending windmill for power generation – why is it so hard to find past Yahoo… Continue Reading

California Solar Company Gets $5 billion contract in China. Is this the new economy? Al Gore and Obama both has said that the new US economy will be made up of "Green jobs". Now a California company has received a lucrative contract to build a huge solar electric-generating plant in China. Is this… Continue Reading