THE SOLAR POWER AND WIND POWER PREDICTOR presents THE SOLAR POWER AND WIND POWER PREDICTOR When planning to install a Solar Power or Wind Power System, predicting the expected Solar and Wind Power output at your location can be very difficult. has come across a brilliant piece of equipment named The Solar and Wind Power Predictor. This excellent piece of equipment does exactly what it says on the box. It predicts your expected Solar and Wind Power output which can be achieved in any location in any part of the world. This new revolutionary piece of equipment is manufactured and supplied from Better Generation, a London, UK based small company dedicated to green energy and is available for only £99.00 in the UK or approx. 0.00 USD in the rest of the world. The Solar and Wind Power Predictor was borne out of growing interest in the generation of alternative renewable energy a particular site can generate, as well as providing a report reviewing the most suitable products available, how to buy them, what the payback time will be and what carbon savings can be achieved. In the past people have bought expensive equipment only to find it has not been as efficient as expected or that an alternative product should have been used. Better Generation believes the Power Predictor will remove this obstacle and act as an enabling technology to help encourage the take up of renewable energy . The intention has been to take the guesswork out of micro generation by creating a


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