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For yr 11 2a/2b english we have been assigned to write an original essay on any topic. I have chosen oil reserves and the effects it has on the economy but am stumped. Can you guys give me your opinions on the writing so far and any other tips.
(we have been focusing on techniques language tone and visual features of feature articles) 🙂

The oil has run out and your car is a useless piece of metal. Society is dependent on oil, and it has grounded to a halt. What now?
Solar panelled or hydro powered cars? Their just unreliant and slow… We could go back to horse and cart, and travel like they did in 1940 (before cars). Yer sure that would go down well.
Could you imagine the streets of Perth filled with horse, carts, and impatient drivers, with no sense of direction or rules? I didn’t think so. The fact is our society is reliant on oil and when it does run out… what will we do?
There’s no main substitution for oil, and we’ve always known it is a limited resource. Which means one day we aree actually going to run out. A scary thought when you actually think about how many things rely on oil.
We use oil to travel from home to work and back again, we use it too cook our food and we (well farmers) even need it to grown our food. Then we need it to process and transport our food to the shops. Not to mention our industrial transportation and military uses oil has. Its mind boggling when we stop and think about how dependant our economy and lifestyle is on it.
The fact that oil will run out ‘one day’ has always been there in the back of our minds, but how many of us really appreciate what that means?
We’ve become so use to having oil that we haven’t considered our investment in the alternatives. I guess we think that we have plenty of time up our sleeves, and that by the time the oil reserves get that low, the world will have switched to renewable energy on a high scale and it’ll be okay, but what if we haven’t?
People lived here before there were such things as electricity and oil, so it must be possible. They grew their own food, washed their own clothes, travelled around on horseback, lit fires to stay warm and created tools and resources. Our civilisation was made off of this, but would we ever be able to cope and go back to the old fashioned way?
What is our plan B when plan A fails? To bail on everything we’ve accomplished? To bail on our homes, our cars and our families? No. oil isn’t our lives. Oil is just a resource we use to create comfort, technology and civilisation.
Our problem is that by depending on new development and technology to drive our countries economy, we find that when this process slows or stops we stop. If we don’t create a stable process to control or use or resources we will find ourselves with no oil, no income no society.
Fellow Australians would agree that we don’t substantially control our use of oil and that it in fact will run out one day. We all will have to deal with it one day, and the choices we make today will have a large impact on the outcome


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