Why do conservatives still think that wind and solar power are future technologies?

I keep reading people argue that we have put so much money into research, and that solar and wind are not viable options for supplying our energy needs. 10 years ago Germany put solar panels on all homes and have now generated as much power as they would have if they had built 8 nuclear (or if you are conservative, "nukeular") power plants. Germany and the Netherlands use 300 foot tall wind turbines that are cost effective, and could be used in this country to generate power.

Of course we know the answer to this question. Conservatives believe everything that business tells them, and low and behold, the people who make money on the system, say that other systems will not work. Mind blowing!
I find it fascinating how every time I ask a question that is in response to answers that I have read on here, no one believes anything that I have read previously.

I don’t care what Al Gore does or doesn’t do, I don’t care what you like or don’t like. The government should make certain choices to good for you to not make.

And you libertarians with your choices. Can you choose to drive on the road or not? Can you choose which power company you are going to go with? How many choices do you really have. You could choose to drive cross country and avoid roads, but that is not a good choice, so you drive on the roads.
Solar is not economically feasible today, however with tax breaks it is. The Germans made them basically free, and then forced the power company to purchase the power back. This made their power bills much less expensive, and the panels were free. Panels are also good for over 20 years, I’m not sure where many of you get your information, but you might want to think about turning off fox news and Limbaugh.


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