Why not forget "possible" other fuel sources?

We already know that the government is working on other possible fuel sources such as hydrogen, fission, etc. Well, I believe that in the amount of time and money spent on planning, research, and development of these POSSIBLE sources, we could introduce solar AND wind power as our future source. These two may not be able to support everyone seperately but together, think what could happen! Less emissions, pollution, trash; more clean air, more blue sky, more money for other things…why wouldn’t this work? Why can’t we use something guaranteed vs somethings that is possible?
This is another question after I have read some of the responses. Why do you say that these resources are not available everywhere? WInd is all around the world and especially solar is available close to all the time. And when one is unavailable, the other would "pickup" for the other. And yes this may be only two but they are the most easily accessible (available to everybody and unending-there will always be wind and the sun). So for some of you who say that these options are unavailable to everyone, I don’t quite understand where you are coming from…


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