Global warming possible solutions. What do you think?

Industrial conversion and life-style changes in all the countries to stop global warming could be an inefficient, very slow process.
In the meantime, we could figure out faster methods to tackle the problem technologically.
For instance :
1) Identify some industrial chemical process to absorb and eliminate CO² from the atmosphere.
2) Experiment the possibility of placing in orbit over the tropics clouds of particles to reflect part of the solar radiation back into space. Such particles should decay after some time or fall from orbit to avoid their permanence forever. They should also not affect communications.

As a longer, permanent solution I envisage a global campain of reforestation, maybe with new efficient methods such as dropping seeds and plantlets from airplanes, in special vessels with nutrients which will penetrate in the soil and help the plants early development.
Some such experimental techniques have been already tested.


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