What will replace solar power now that it has been proven to be toxic to the environment?

Solar Energy Firms Leave Waste Behind in China By Ariana Eunjung Cha Washington Post Foreign Service Sunday, March 9, 2008; Page A01 GAOLONG, China — The first time Li Gengxuan saw the dump trucks from the nearby factory pull into… Continue Reading

can someone please help me find rhetorical devices in the following text please!!!!!!!?

Wake Up, America. We’re Driving Toward Disaster. By James Howard Kunstler 26/05/08 "Washington Post" — – Everywhere I go these days, talking about the global energy predicament on the college lecture circuit or at environmental conferences, I hear an increasingly… Continue Reading

Are you part of the 64% of Americans who think Obama is doing a "good job" with the economy?

Is there such a thing as "mass denial"? Despite the fact his economic team has been in place since November 14th, it took Obama nearly four months to offer a detailed plan for addressing the core of the economic downturn… Continue Reading