High-Technology M113 Gavins: Real Future Combat System

6-roadwheel, M113 Gavin MTVL hybrid-electric drive (HED) demonstrator shows 60+ mph speeds as well as silent, stealthy mobility in addition to the cross-country mobility that can avoid road/trail ambushes that damn wheeled trucks. With HED 300 mile range is doubled to 600 miles and sensors can be employed all night without having to crank engines and revealing your position. Details: www.combatreform.org www.combatreform.org www.combatreform.org In fact, its now possible to SOLAR POWER light tanks like the Gavin for at least a 50-mile “stealth” mode even in event fossil fuels run-out: www.combatreform.org There’s NOTHING wheels can do that tracks cannot do better and there’s a whole hell of a lot things tracks can do that wheels CAN’T DO AT ALL. Want to know more? Our book, “Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century” is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! books.google.com


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