Green Energy Tips That You Can Try Out Today!

Green energy is the future of energy technology. With the world’s population growing at an ever-increasing rate, utilizing green energy is the only way to ensure the planet’s ecological health. This article is filled with a number of great green… Continue Reading

]Which of the following best describes the changes involved in a fusion reaction? The nucleus of an atom spli?

]Which of the following best describes the changes involved in a fusion reaction? The nucleus of an atom splits into fragments, releasing a large amount of energy. The nucleus of an atom splits into fragments, absorbing a large amount of… Continue Reading

What technologies could we use to replace oil?– Geothermal power, solar power, radio signals, microwave lasers, how could we end the use of fossil fuels in the next 20 years and still have a booming economy and civilization? How do we create a balanced ecosystem on earth?… Continue Reading

With the nuclear issues in Japan, where are we with nuclear fusion technology as an alternative to fission?

The horrible events in Japan raise an important question. Nuclear fission power has many risks, waste by-products being a big one, not to mention instability in processing, risks of explosion, etc. Nuclear fusion technology is less unstable (potentially) and doesn’t… Continue Reading

How could I summerize this paragraph?

With only the most important facts? I just need the general information on geothermal energy. Geothermal power (from the Greek roots geo, meaning earth, and thermos, meaning heat) is power extracted from heat stored in the earth. This geothermal energy… Continue Reading

what are the prospects of solar energy as an alternative commercial source of energy today ?

the solar industry today is being considered for the first time in a serious manner as an alternative clean fuel source to generating energy when compared to dirty fossil fuels like oil and coal that generate energy such as electricity.… Continue Reading

do people know 100's of millions will die?

with the huge wave of environmentalists claiming that we need to stop using oil and coal and resort to more green ways to produce energy, do people realize that countries like Africa that absolutely depend their development on those very… Continue Reading

help in biology??

Question 9 2 points Save Acid rain is caused by ___________ and results in ____________. Question 9 answers chlorofluorocarbons from refrigerators; a decrease in the ozone layer. hydrochloric acid from power plants; "bleaching" lakes and trees. carbon dioxide air pollution;… Continue Reading

Solar Power: Against–need help for debate?

I have have a debate coming up in school and here’s the question……… "United States car companies should be required to produce a solar powered car,since this will help reduce consumption of polluting fossil fuels" Position:AGAINST This was given too… Continue Reading

unit 4 study guide questions?

1. Automobiles that use more than one source of power are called ______________. (Points: 1)        2. Harnessing this energy, ___________   __________  can only be done currently at a few shorelines on the Earth. (2 words) (Points: 1)        3. Fine sedimentary rock… Continue Reading